The Physician as a Child Advocate

admin   March 10, 2011   Comments Off on The Physician as a Child Advocate

Parents can be expected to bring to the pediatrician a broad variety of problems concerned with the emerging behavior and development of their offspring. As the child matures, and as his activities extend beyond the home and into the school and community, the dimensions and potential complexities of this role multiply.

If a child has a chronic illness or some handicapping condition physical, developmental, or emotional, this will place special demands on the family who will logically look to the child’s physician for guidance. In such instances, it may be appropriate to utilize other professional disciplines and community resources. The child advocate should be able to mobilize and coordinate these other resources while he maintains his own professional relationship with the family. Some primary physicians are not geared to provide adequate management under such circumstances. Indeed, the physical may feel uncomfortable because of the complexity of the problem, and the time consuming and frustrating demands imposed on a busy appointment schedule.




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