Bowel Training : Child Development

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About two-thirds of all children will have attained reasonable control of bowel evacuation at 24 months of age. Nine out of ten will have done so by the age of 3 years, and 19 out of 20 by the age m`4 years. The major hazard is that too much pressure will be exerted by the parents before the child is neurologically prepared and psychologically disposed. As a general rule, it is ill-advised to initiate bowel training efforts before the age of 18 months. If resistance is encountered then, it is prudent to wait longer. Mothers should be encouraged to be casual and matter of fact in their attitude. Relaxed acceptance combined with generous approbation for success will usually pay dividends. Mothers should be reminded about individual differences and the importance of avoiding a struggle with the child over totter habits. In the long run, fewer diapers will need changing if conflict is avoided.

Toilet training should never be vigorous. Failure should never be met with disapproval or punishment. Two or three minutes at a time on a potty chair is time enough for most children.

When fecal soiling occurs repeatedly is a child over the age of 5 years, it usually a symptom of significant underlying psychopathology. The treatment of encopresis is commonly quite difficult and may require referral for mental hygiene assistance.




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